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六年级下册英语素材- 知识点整理(毕业班复习资料) 译林版(三起)_百 2022年月7日发(作者:门萨)

6A Unit1知识点整理
1.皇帝的新衣 the king’s new clothes 2.很久以前 long long ago
.某一天 one day 4.两个男人 two men
5.拜访国王 visit the king 6.为你做新衣服 make new clothes for you
7.给国王看他的新衣 show the king his new clothes 8.试穿 try on
9.这些魔法衣服 these magic clothes 10.聪明的人 clever people
11.愚蠢的人 foolish people 12.穿着他的新衣 in his new clothes
1.许多人 a lot of people 14.在街上 in the street
15.看着国王 look at the king 16.一个小男孩 a little boy
17.指着国王 point at the king 18.嘲笑他 laugh at him
19.非常合身 fit well 20.穿着黄毛衣 wear yellow sweater
21.在四点半 at half past four 22.穿着牛仔裤 wear jeans
2.讲故事 tell a story 24.每个学生 each student
25.下一句 the next sentence 26.轮到波比了 it’s Bobby’s turn
27.努力地想 think hard 28.下一句是什么? What’s next?
29.不得不重新开始 have to start again 0.在狮子的房子前面 in front of the lion’s house
1.在房子旁散步 walk by the house 2.对着老人大喊 shout at the old man
.照顾他 look after him 4.和狮子住在一起 live with the lion
5.对她很好 be nice to her 6.在山上 on the mountain
7.快点 be quick 8.穿过城市 walk through the city
9.把你的孩子给我 give me your child give your child to me
40.住在森林里 live in the forest 41.愤怒的狮子 the angry lion
42.生病了 be sick 4.变成一个王子 turn into a prince
44.一个苏格兰男士 a Scottish man 45.穿一条苏格兰裙 wear a kilt
46.一个美国牛仔 an American cowboy 47.变成美丽的阿美利坚,成为 turn into

long ago玩女人游戏, there was a king. 很久以前区人大代表述职报告,有一位国王日本林卡尔。
were a lot of people in the street. 街上有许多人。
day梁山好汉宋江传修改器, two men visited the man. 一天爱力优,两个男人拜访国王。
king liked new clothes. 国王喜欢新衣服北京时间同步。
looked at the king and shouted. 他们看着国王叫喊工人物语ol。
6.A little boy pointed at the king and laughed. 一个小男孩指着国王笑。
king walked through the city in his new clothes. 国王穿着新衣服穿过这座城市。
king isn’t wearing any clothes. 国王什么都没穿。
student says one sentence. 每个学生说一句话。

old man told the boy a story.
have to start the story again.
is an American cowboy.


is a Scottish man. He’s wearing a kilt. 这是个苏格兰人。他穿着一条苏格兰裙。
1.一般过去时常跟随的时间状语:long long ago、one day、yesterday、last night、three days ago、two weeks
ago、this morning、on Monday、just now、just then、from then on
4.语音 ar
[a:] card Mark party park arm hard farm bar farmer start garden March far
large car supermarket arm star

6A Unit2知识点整理
1.难忘的一天 what a day

2.骑自行车 by bike
4.一些有趣的鹦鹉 some interesting parrots
6.风筝放得高 fly kites high
8.开来一些饺子 bring some dumplings
10.一些饮料 some drinks
1.又饿又湿 hungry and wet
15.打篮球 play basketball
17.做得好 well done
19.新年 ew Year
21.看起来伤心 look sad
.一场鹦鹉表演 a parrot show
7.在空中 in the sky
5.变得多风且多云 become windy and cloudy
9.一些面包和蜂蜜 some bread and honey
12.乌云 black clouds

11.看见一些蚂蚁在面包和蜂蜜上 see some ants on the bread and honey
14.下了一整天的雨 rain all day
16.在操场上 in the playground
20.遇见某人 meet sb.

18.挑出三张卡片 pick three cards

22.丢了我的新风筝 lose my new kite 2.想知道为什么 want to know why
24.发生了什么 what happened 25.今天早上 this morning
26.爬上山 climb up the hill 27.飞得太高 fly too high
28.抓紧 hold onto 29.飞走 fly away
0.在小山附近 near the hill 1.在星期一上午 on Monday morning
2.上星期天 last Sunday .看电影 watch a film
4.野餐 have a picnic 5.做家务 do the housework
6.雨天 a rainy day 7.晴天 a sunny day
8.带午餐去公园 bring lunch to the park 9.酿蜜 make honey
40.湿衣服 wet clothes 41.走开 go away

a day! 多么......一天!(多指不太好的经历)
was sunny in the morning. 早上天气很晴朗。
was a parrot show in the park. 公园里有一场鹦鹉表演民权新闻。
saw some interesting parrots. 我们看见有一些有趣的鹦鹉。
weather became windy and cloudy. 天气变得多风且多云。
’s time for lunch. = It’s time to have lunch. 该吃午饭了。
saw some ants on the bread and honey. 我们看见一些蚂蚁在面包和蜂蜜上。
were some black clouds in the sky. 天空中有一些乌云基督城地震。
rained. = It was rainy. 天下雨了什么事基金定投。
were hungry and wet. 我们又饿又湿76ccc。
look sad. What’s the matter? 你看上去很难过经贸大厦。怎么啦?
wants to know why. 萨姆想知道为什么。
happened, Bobby? 发什么了什么,波比?
climbed up the hill. 我们爬上了那座山cinderella。
couldn’t hold onto it. 我们抓不住它了。
flew away. 它飞走了。
do you have it? 你怎么会有它?
18.I found it near the hill. 我在小山附近到了它。
ew Year is nearly here. 新年快要到了苏州固锝。
’s cheer togethersto快递, my dear! 亲爱的孩子们,我们一起来庆祝吧!

Is he a doctor or a teacher? 他是医生还是老师?


六年级下册英语素材- 知识点整理(毕业班复习资料) 译林版(三起)_百


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