励志英语谚语_励志语录 2022年月4日发(作者:工作总结报告范文)


1、Follow your own course, and let people talk.走自己的路兴业基金管理公司,让别人说去

2、The early bird catches the worm.捷足先登.

、时不我待.Time and tide wait no man.

4、成功源于勤奋.Industry is the parent of success.

5、不鸣则已,一鸣惊人.It never rains but it pours.

6、燕雀安知鸿鹄之志.A sparrow cannot understand the ambition of a

7、The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our
doubts of today .(Franklin Roosevelt 卡巴拉生命之树, American president) 实现明天理
想的唯一障碍是今天的疑虑。 (美国总统 罗斯福. F .)

8、世上无难事,只要肯登攀.othing is impossible to a willing heart.

9、好的开端是成功的一半.Well begun is half done.

10、A big tree falls not at the first stroke.一斧子砍不倒大树.

11、Make your whole year s plan in the spring and the whole
day s plan in the morning.一年之计在于春卢卡斯佩雷斯,一天之计在于晨.

12、Ask not what your country can do for you;Ask what you can do
for your country.不要问你的国家能为你做什么,而要问你能为你的国家做什么.

1、The important thing in life is to have a great aim , and the
determination to attain it. (Johan Wolfgang von Goethe , German Poet
and dramatist) 人生重要的事情就是确定一个伟大的目标哈尔滨新楼盘,并决心实现它。(德国诗人戏
剧家 歌德 . J . M .)

14、If you would go up high 昆明住房公积金查询, then use your own legs ! Do not let
yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other
people s backs and heads . (F. W . ietzsche 哈尼族舞蹈, German
Philosopher) 如果你想走到高处,就要使用自己的两条腿!(励志 .)不要让别人把你抬
到高处;不要坐在别人的背上和头上南京东方工程学院。 (德国哲学家 尼采. F. W.)

15、不经风雨恶性黑素瘤图片,怎能见彩虹. o cross, no crown.

16、 祸兮福所依,福兮祸所伏.All the Evils to be cidered with the
Good, that is in them, and with that worse attends them.

17、Great hope makes great man. 伟大的思想造就伟大的人.

18、趁热打铁.Strike while the iron is hot.

19、天生我才必有用.Every man has his price.

20、A gentleman acts on behalf of an understanding friend,as a
woman makes herself beautiful for her lover.士为知己者用怎么样让头发长得快,女为说悦己者容.

21、Think twice before acting.三思而后行.

22、Something attempted,something done.

2、A man loves his sweetheart the most,his wife the best,but his
mother the longest.男人对他的情人最爱,对他的妻子最好青岛中能,而对他母亲的爱最长久.

24、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.
Alexander Dumas (Davy de La Pailleterie乾县二手房, French Writer) 生活没有目标就
像航海没有指南针看听学第一册。 (法国作家 大仲马. A.)

25、积少成多.Every little helps.

26、一分价钱一分货.You get what you pay off.

27、If you doubt yourself 旅游人, then indeed you stand on shaky
ground . (Ibsen , orwegian dramatist ) 如果你怀疑自己传销公司,那么你的立足点确实
不稳固了。 (挪威剧作家 易卜生)

28、Mastery of work comes from diligent application, and success
deponds on forethought.业精于勤肺部感染的症状,行成于思.

29、英雄所见略同.Great minds think alike.

0、没有付出,就没有收获.o pain, no gain.

1、自助者天助.God helps those who help themselves.

2、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲.A young idler张榕蓉,an old beggar.

、The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

4、Reading is always profitable.开卷有益.

5、看破生死的人能成大事.He who sees through life and death will
meet with most success.

6、Behind bad luck comes good luck.塞翁失马,焉知非福.

7、真金不怕火炼.True blue will never strain.

8、Don t part with your illusi . When they are gone you
may still exist , but you have ceased to live. (Mark Twain 卫生间隔断价格,
American writer) 不要放弃你的幻想。当幻想没有了以后,你还可以生存,但是你虽生
犹死。((美国作家 马克吐温)

9、良药苦口.A good medicine tastes bitter.

40、谋事在人抖音怎么加好友,成事在天.Man proposes湖口租房,God deposes.

41、台上一分钟翡翠绿洲,台下十年功.One minute on the stage needs ten years
practice off stage.

42、有志者,事竟成.othing is impossible to a willing heart.Where
there is a will there is a way.

4、If winter comes 数星星的夜晚, can spring be far behind ? ( P. B. Shelley 海贼王目录,
British poet ) 冬天来了,春天还会远吗?( 英国诗人永鼎集团有限公司, 雪莱. P. B.)

44、静水流深.Still waters run deep.

45、欲速则不达.More haste,less speed.

46、All for one, one for all.我为人人,人人为我.

47、天涯何处无芳草.There is plenty of fish in the sea.

48、Heaven never seals off all the exits.天无绝人之路.

49、君子之交淡如水.A hedge between keeps friendship green.

50、Adversity reveals genius, fortune conceals it.苦难显才华大河套,好运藏

51、o way is impossible to courage.勇者无惧.

52、细节决定成败.Details is the key to success.

5、Rejoicing in hope, patienting in trabulation.从希望中得到快乐,在

54、滴水穿石.Little stone fell great oaks.

55、宁为鸡头,不为凤尾.It is better to be a head of dog than a tail
of a lion..

56、身正不怕影子歪.A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe.

57、Life is not all roses.人生并不都是康庄大道.




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只要肯登攀.othing is impossible to a willing heart. 9

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欲速则不达.More haste

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好的开端是成功的一半.Well begun is half done. 10

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看破生死的人能成大事.He who sees through life and death will meet with most success. 6

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then use your own legs ! Do not let yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other people s backs and heads . (F. W . ietzsche 哈尼族舞蹈

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something done. 2

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自助者天助.God helps those who help themselves. 2

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British poet ) 冬天来了

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(美国总统 罗斯福. F .) 8

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The early bird catches the worm.捷足先登.

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成事在天.Man proposes湖口租房

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(德国哲学家 尼采. F. W.) 15

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Rejoicing in hope